how to tell your visual story

  • CMfreespotsDo you RECYCLE? – Are you excited by the idea of creating beautiful artifacts from discarded materials?
  • Do you welcome the challenge of PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES of ideas and techniques, combining fabric, paper and stitch?
  • Are you interested in finding easy solutions to WORKING IN 3D?
Then you should learn to transform recycled papers and fabric, give them a new meaning and explore the transition from 2 to 3D.


  • DO YOU LOVE BOOKS and are looking for fun ways of making your own?
  • Are you interested in CHALLENGING the concept of the book?
  • Are you intrigued by the idea of using both natural and man made “containers” to CREATE book objects?
Then you should learn how to tell your visual story and produce unique but simple personal artists books using unusual materials.


Join me, Cherilyn Martin and the other students in sunny Ticino! 

There are still some free spots in both classes (they can be combined into a 4 day class).

But spaces are limited and if you don’t want to miss these fabulous workshops, you should decide quickly and reserve your spot now.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you in Comano!

Here’s what students say about TexArtAcademy

jeanne_circle_150Creative work can be a lonely pastime, and when I finally break away I need to commune with others of like mind. This is where TexArtAcademy workshops are invaluable.

Here the participants learn new techniques and approaches to their art and craft with experts in their field. But most of all, as I have attended for many years, I get a chance to meet and catch up with many old friends in a happy and vigorous atmosphere. Everyone is so generous in sharing materials, ideas and learning.

Joining the workshops has become the annual highlight of my end-of-smmer activities.

~ JEANNE IVALDI, Cannero Riviera/Italy & London/UK

karen_circle_150The class I attended was the product of an incredible collaboration between the tutor and the organiser.

The class ran like clockwork on the back of so much detailed planning and preparation.

The venue was excellent – both as overnight accommodation and studio facillities. The local area is outstandingly beautiful.

Most importantly for me, everyone who attended was willing to invest as much as they could into making their best work and offering constructive support to other students.



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  1. I would love to be able to work with Cherilyn again. I did a 2 day class with her at FOQ and she was excellent.

    • I’ve had Cherilyn here for more than one class. She is an excellent teacher as well as an extraordinary artist and a lovely person. I really hope you can work again with her.