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new year – new work

The new year is still young and I already finished two quilts I started last year in Puglia. Wohoooo!!

Das neue Jahr ist noch jung und ich habe bereits zwei Quilts fertig gestellt, die ich letztes Jahr in Apulien begonnen habe. Juhuuui!!

Remembering Puglia

Remembering Puglia
H64 x W55.5 cm
Wholecloth Quilt; cotton sateen, MX dyes; writing, monoprinted, machine quilted
Marlis Egger ©2013



Lines and Circles
H73 x W71 cm
Wholecloth Quilt; cotton sateen, MX dyes; monoprinted, scraped, machine embroidered/quilted
Marlis Egger ©2013


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  1. The two pieces are so YOU!! Super. I would love to see your quilting and stitches. Liebe Gruess from the frosty northwest CH!

    1. Heidi, I feel the same: the pieces are ME.

      You would be surprised how simple the quilting in the first piece is: just wonky lines – as wonky as the writing ;-).

      The stitching in the second piece is satin stitch. Black satin stitch to accent the last layer of lines I printed.

      I’ll try to get decent close up shots and will post them on the blog.

    1. Hi Kira and thanks for visiting my blog!

      Yes, both are quilts. It’s such a big honor for me that it reminds you of Cy Twombly’s work :-). I LOVE his drawings and paintings!

  2. Ciao Marlis, che belli! il primo con le scritte mi piace tantissimo! anche la scritta grande é stampata o l’hai ricamata?
    Buon lavoro! Marta

    1. Grazie Marta!
      Né la scritta grande né quella piccola è stata stampata. Ho scritte direttamente sulla stoffa usando una bottiglia di plastica con il beccuccio. La grandezza dipende solo dal beccuccio.

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