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Hi, I’m Marlis Egger. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s talk about my passion: making contemporary textile art that will enrich your life.

I’m a fiber artist and textile designer and the founder and organizer of TexArtAcademy, an international meeting point for textile artists. I have also served as Art Director at QuiltArtLugano, Switzerland’s first Quilt Festival.

I was born in Zurich/Switzerland, but have lived for the past 25 years in Lugano/Ticino, Switzerland’s sunshine state.

For over 15 years, I have continuously expanded my skills and created strong, meaningful pieces of art.

Only recently, after many “colorful” years, I finally discovered what makes me really happy: to use color sparingly.

I love neutrals, different shades of white, gray and black, but also soft shades of plummy red, green and yellow. I often use strong accent colors, such as red.

These are the colors I am surrounded with directly and every day: clothing, furniture, home decor … and yes, also the gray cats ;-). These colors not only have a physical and emotional effect, but really influence my color perception and the way I use color in my art.

If you are interested in reading more about this topic, I have written two blog posts about influences of environment on color perception. You can find them here and here.

My work usually starts with white cloth which I then alter using dye and paint, but I use color sparingly.

I also work with new technologies (for example digital photography, photo processing software, inkjet printing) to create my original Art Cloth. The result is unique pieces of art.

These original designs are also a starting point to create abstract fiber art. I incorporate different materials, mostly a variety of fabrics, painted canvas, and even paper.

My art is designed to hang like a painting on the wall. It will bring you luxury, beauty, and joy through color and tactile pleasure.

My work is in private collections in Europe and the U.S.

My blog is an inspiring platform for my artwork where I share stories from my creative journey as well as from my everyday life.

I’m a member of patCHquilt (Swiss Patchwork Association) and SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates).

You’d like to give yourself a gift that will make your home gorgeous?

On this website you can find selections of my work.

Please contact me for a free consulting session, which will reveal the perfect art work to enrich your home, your office or any public space.




Group exhibition “The Music of My Life” in Monza (I)


Retrospective at the Spring Quilt Festivals in the UK and Scotland


“Contrasti” – Group exhibition, with Bea Bernasconi, Nina Novicov and Silvie Umiker, at Banca Coop, Lugano (CH)


  • Group exhibition, with the board members of QuiltArtLugano, at Banca Coop, Lugano (CH)
  • Group exhibition, with the board members of QuiltArtLugano, at the 1st International Patchworkmeeting in Prague (CZ)


“Sumptuous Surfaces” – group exhibition with Bea Bernasconi (CH) and Cherilyn Martin (GB/NL) in Cadro (CH)


  • Group exhibition at Ospedale Civico, Lugano (CH)
  • “Quilt & Art” – group exhibition with Stephanie Hofer in Windisch (CH)


“La Magia dei Colori – The Magic of Colors” – solo exhibition in Cureglia (CH)


Solo exhibition at Hotel Gstaaderhof, Gstaad (CH)


“EINblicke, DURCHblicke, AUSblicke” – group exhibition in Irsee (D)


“Joy of Life” – solo exhibition in Nottwil (CH)


Solo exhibition during the Quiltshow “Florida Celebrates Quilts” in Ft. Myers (Florida, USA)


Article at patCHquilt Bulletin Nr. 114 | Fall 2017 (in French – please click the images) | German version


Interview QuiltItalia | Autunno 2015 (in Italian – please click the images) | English version

quiltitalia_1 quiltitalia_2 quiltitalia_3




Interview by HKpowerStudio | part 1 | part 2  (please click the links)

what i love doing

I have traveled extensively in the US, Africa and the Far East, visit the European Quilt Festivals on a regular basis and am well connected with the textile world and the textile artists around the globe.

In my spare time I love taking pictures, reading books and spending time with my husband and our gorgeous Chartreux cats Yaris and Ayla.

And if you still want to know more about me:

36 random things about me

  1. I love the ocean.
  2. I speak 3 different languages. I understand a fourth one. And I speak Swiss German dialect.
  3. I love seafood.
  4. I’m moved to tears whenever I hear an organ play.
  5. Pasta is my favorite food.
  6. I’ve moved 8 times in my life.
  7. I’ve lived in the countryside for 3 years. And I realized that rural life is not for me.
  8. I am trained as a pharmacy assistant.
  9. I’m a summer girl. Guess what? I was born in August.
  10. I’m claustrophobic.
  11. My favorite city on earth is Hong Kong. And Zurich, my birthtown.
  12. I’ve ridden a donkey. It was uncomfortable.
  13. I like grocery shopping in Italy.
  14. My favorite painter is Mark Rothko.
  15. I’ve spent the best vacation ever in the Maldives.
  16. I don’t go to the movies (but I read!).
  17. I love Thai food.
  18. I have expensive taste. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the funds to match.
  19. I don’t have a favorite book.
  20. I love IKEA.
  21. I’ve created my first website without any knowledge. WordPress didn’t exist back then.
  22. I am a procrastinator. If there was a degree in procrastination, I would be top of the class.
  23. I love stracciatella ice cream.
  24. I love massages. Especially a Hot Stone massage.
  25. I’ve done night snorkeling. Absolutely fantastic!
  26. My favorite sport is swimming. You don’t start to sweat ;-)
  27. I love Prosecco.
  28. I’ve been eating crocodile meat. In Africa. It was delicious.
  29. I hate snow in the city.
  30. All the walls in my home are white.
  31. I’m not a hoarder. Maybe because I always lived in small apartments.
  32. When I was a teen, I had a diary with a lock.
  33. I first met my husband in England. Although we are both Swiss.
  34. When I was 23, I was in an avalanche. While traveling on a Swiss motorway.
  35. Our car had a breakdown in Africa, in the middle of nowhere. Just us and the wild animals.
  36. I’m a perfectionist. I wish I were not. But I’m working on that.
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